Harnessing the Power of Profit Time

Harnessing-the-Power-of-Profit-TimeOne challenge that we all face is information overload and distractions. We’re constantly being bombarded with new offers that claim to be the end-all and be all to our business success.

Then there are the self-generated activities that have very little to do with making money.

You get a great idea for generating prospects, you remember you’re supposed to call John about tomorrow’s meeting, you see a book that you wanted to read, and on and on it goes, distraction after distraction.

Most successful individuals devote a specific amount of time every day to profit-producing activities. This is their “Profit Time” and they refuse to allow distractions to sabotage their success.

Start today to use the power of this habit, here’s how:

  • Decide how much time each day you want to devote to income-producing activities. Be realistic, most people who work an eight-hour day are lucky to have two hours of productive time. I suggest that you start with no more than 3 hours, allowing a few minutes each hour to take a brief break. As you build this habit, you can increase the time you allot.
  • Select one project that is directly related to making money. It could be making sales or prospecting calls, following up with potential customers, or working on your next ad campaign. The key is it must be something that leads directly to increasing the revenue in your business.
  • Important Note: Do not spend any time planning the project during profit time. Planning is not an income-producing activity. Do your planning during your non-profit hours. Your profit time is devoted to taking action on your project.
  • If your project involves out of the office activities such as calling on prospective customers, stay focused on your objective and schedule your time for maximum results.
  • Make “Profit Time” a habit by applying this plan for at least 21 day.

In the next time management article, The Profit-Making Power of Simplicity, you’ll learn how keeping it simple leads to more profits.

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